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At Emprise HealthTech, we specialize in providing comprehensive technology solutions that bring unity to the systems, data, and processes of both medical and healthcare businesses. Our mission? To uncover the metrics that truly matter, drive performance improvement, and ensure efficiency and compliance across the board.

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AI-Assisted Technology Revolutionizing Medical Business Performance

Our cutting-edge technology and expert consultancy are here to empower your medical and healthcare business. Say goodbye to complexities and uncertainties and embrace enhanced performance, increased efficiency, and reduced risk.

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Unleash Insights and Simplify Reporting with a Dash of Magic

Imagine having unparalleled visibility into every nook and cranny of your business. With our custom reporting capabilities and intuitive dashboards, you can uncover potential risks, seize valuable opportunities, and make data-driven decisions like never before. It's time to turn insights into actions that drive unstoppable success.

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Banish Technology and Data Chaos

Say farewell to tangled webs of technology and data. Experience the power of streamlined operations as we bring unity to your platforms, data, and workflows. Our innovative automations and seamless integrations eliminate inefficiencies, transforming chaos into a harmonious symphony of productivity.

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Security and Compliance: A Foundation of Trust

In today's digital world, security and compliance are non-negotiable. Rest easy knowing that our latest security measures and compliance solutions will keep your IT systems lean, clean, and fortified. Your data privacy and regulatory adherence are our top priorities every step of the way.

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How Emprise HealthTech Can Help

We approach each client as a true consultative partner help create better business results.


We Understand Your Challenges

From data and system interoperability, to process improvements across practices, to IT and data security headaches, the team at Emprise can help you become stronger, smarter and more profitable.


Keep the Systems You Know

No one likes change and there is often no need to get rid of the systems you already have - Emprise just helps these systems work better. By building webs between the existing platforms, we help make you more efficient, align data and processes so you have visibility into performance, and finally get rid of the work-arounds and double work your teams deal with every day.


Bespoke Technology Solutions

In healthcare there is no “easy button” when it comes to making your systems and practices work together better. Every situation is different and our process ensures we fully understand the specific challenges your teams are facing to develop the solutions and technology to deliver exactly what you need. We never try to solve your problems with a cookie cutter approach.

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Case Study

Large Medical Practice Group Gains Visibility, Increases Revenue, and Reduces Risk


Emprise HealthTech worked with the client to uncover the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that mattered most for the group's goals and built custom dashboards with customer specific KPIs for all three levels of stakeholders to provide owners, management, and staff complete and real-time visibility across and within all practices. Emprise also integrated disparate systems, including extracting financial data from 16 different PMS systems to import into their ERP software that allowed down to the penny GAAP accounting.

To address efficiency challenges, Emprise created more streamlined scheduling templates to maximize daily visits. Automations were created for upselling services to drive new revenue streams. In addition, process improvements were made using automations and workflows to maximize patient payments.

During the engagement, Emprise discovered critical security liabilities and implemented solutions to mitigate risk and protect the client going forward.


Through the new-found visibility, the group's owners, management, and staff were able to align on a roadmap of improvements that increased the group valuation by 35%

Daily visits increased by 20%

Collections grew by 600%

The client was more secure, confident in their metrics and growth potential, and prepared for potential future transactions

Emprise HealthTech acted as an extension of our team, helped us figure out what we didn't know, and allowed us the visibility and roadmap to transform our practice group. We are more efficient, our teams have more time to focus on patients, and frankly - our business is much more valuable now.


Nationwide private equity backed Ophthalmology group

Unlock the full potential of integrated technology solutions for your business.

Let Emprise HealthTech be your trusted partner on the path to success.

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