Healthcare IT Security & Efficiency

consulting for healthcare IT, security, compliance and efficiency

IT Security & Efficiency

Emprise HealthTech works with you to ensure your IT systems are both lean and clean with the latest security and compliance solutions. We provide our clients with a vCIO as an advocate and IT leader for your business to enable you to save money, have a compliant IT strategy, protect against security threats, and to stay ahead of the game. You are always in good hands as our vCIOs bring decades of experience and a deep understanding of the unique challenges of healthcare groups.

As experts in security and compliance, we create and maintain a technology strategy so that you can successfully continue to operate your practice or enterprise with the confidence that risks are identified and addressed.

How we help keep your medical IT systems secure and in compliance

Emprise HealthTech helps medical groups with secure and compliant IT systems in areas such as:

  • Infrastructure design and set up
  • Technology management coordination
  • Compliance (including HIPAA, PCI)
  • Security audits and resolutions
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